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Austin Spine & Therapy
Hi, thank you for visiting our website! Lets get to the point on what we can offer you as a true wellness clinic. We are an integrative wellness facility (Medicine & Natural therapies)  that specializes in YOUR overall health.  We offer prescription weight loss, sports medicine, massage, and chiropractic.  

We are very passionate about being a healthcare provider and strive to ensure that all patients get the care they need for their individual needs. Every treatment plan is dedicated to the individual along with updates to benefit the patient. We believe that patient education and active care will allow the patient to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Prescription Weight Loss
As a new service to our clinic we now offer Medical Weight Loss for $80 a month this includes:
Physical Exam
Prescription Appetite Suppressant 
Diet Plan made specifically for you
* We do not  bill this service to insurance

 Sports Medicine
Whether your condition is neurological or orthopedic, new or old, our aim is to work to heal your injury and improve your fitness level to avoid future injuries. We accomplish this by using our state-of-the-art medical equipment, as well as a combination of  traditional and sports medicine techniques. All of our therapy sessions are conducted in a comfortable private room where you can ask as many questions as you need to about your condition or treatment.

Our Typical treatment times are about 15-25 minutes. We understand sometimes you may feel anxiety to an unknown treatment or unfamiliar place. We have a relaxed atmosphere and you may bring your dog or cat to your appointments (we will have a water bowl waiting).

Thank you,
Dr. Brian Griffin DC, NP-C
Dr. Cathy Pham DC
Celeste Siebenaler LMT
Lindsey Office manager
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Jason M.


5/5 stars

I have see other Chiropractors but they seemed to only treat the symptoms and never gave me a diagnosis. Dr. Griffin diagnosed me with bicipital tendonitis. He did therapies with me and taught me exercises. I have not had shoulder problems since.

Mary R.

5/5 stars

After a couple of bad experiences I have been a bit skittish about chiropractic approaches. Dr. Griffin has changed that perception for me. It really does depend on the doctor. His strategies are current, individualized, and he approaches each problem considering the whole person. All of my treatments been successful with no recurrence of the original ailment. I seen him for several chronic problems (knee, elbow, and other maladies). Brian and his wife, Lindsey, have established a warm, friendly, very professional practice. I recommend their services without hesitation.
John B.


5/5 stars

So, I have never been to a Chiropractor, ( I am 31) for this.  Like most people I am always a bit concerned going somewhere new. Well, they are so down to earth it is awesome.  I work on a computer and I would get these headaches and shoulder/neck pain. He uses this bio freeze gel and his hands to help release the muscle (feels great after). Also does stretches and sometimes this pulsing type of massage machine(it seriously takes any pain away instantly). He looked at my posture and of course way off....but he didn't make it sound bad. He just said I will have to do some exercises/stretches at home/Gym to correct it. I like it because he doesn't make you come back and back again. He told me to come in for my certain condition 6 times, then I can do it on my own after I am out of pain. Well I feel great and go back in every so often because I want too.   This is the place to go.

Eric S.

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